Over 380 people died in car accidents, crashes and marine incidents in 2022: OPP

More than 380 people were killed in collisions throughout Ontario in 2022, a year police describe as “deadly.”In a tweet on Sunday, the Ontario Provincial Police posted end-of-year figures for motor vehicle deaths, imploring drivers to make 2023 a safer year.“Fourty-four motorcyclists, 29 pedestrians, and 12 bikers were slain last year,” Sgt. Kerry Schmidt stated in a video. “This is more than one each day across the province.”

According to high-level data, 423 persons perished in motor vehicle accidents and maritime events. There were 353 car accidents, 27 off-road incidents, 29 boating deaths, and 14 snowmobile catastrophes.

The figures refer to events investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police, which does not have control over the highways in several major cities, including Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa.

“We want 2023 to be a significantly safer year, and we need your help and support to do it,” Schmidt added.

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